:: Laboratories ::
Civil department is equipped with the following state of the art laboratories.
:: Strength of materials ::
Testing of various metal specimen (Tension, Compression, Torsion, Flexure, Hardness)
:: Environmental Engineering Lab ::
Testing of water and waste water samples for various parameters like TDS, BOD, COD, optimum coagulant dosage and inorganics.
:: Surveying lab ::
Land surveying and mapping for engineering applications.
:: Concrete and High way Engineering lab ::
Testing of concrete and highway materials.
:: Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Engg lab ::
Study on pumps, turbines and other hydraulic machines.
:: Soil Engg ::
Testing of soil for various parameters such as Uncofined compression ,direct shear, field density , moisture, specific gravity Etc.,
:: Dept. of Civil ::
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