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The Go green Club was formed in SSCET to promote and spread awareness about the renewable energy resources and energy conservation techniques. Go Green Club offers information on ecological, economic and social systems and plans activities to encourage energy conservation and pollution reduction on campus and society. The primary aim of GO GREEN CLUB is to promote sustainability among youth and make them realize their responsibility in improving the condition of environment, and establishing Go Green Engineering in the society. Go Green Club aims to develop the young environmentalists through fun and discovery.
:: Our Vision ::
  • To inspire a youth culture concerned and motivated to act on behalf of global preservation
  • Create a student based population to educate, share, and understand sustainability
  • Bring about behavioral changes that will stimulate sustainability into communities in the real world.
:: Our Mission ::
  • Inspire young peoples imaginations and creativity to address the need for a more stable and sustainable planet.
  • Educate young people about climate change, global warming crisis and sustainable living practices
  • Empower and mobilize young people to act as catalyst to effect positive change in their communities.
:: Our Objectives ::
  • To play global role in spreading the message internationally to save the global environment by all and to promote environmental awareness internationally by opening its clubs worldwide.
  • Galvanize themselves to be the tip of the spear of a “citizen green” campaign
  • Change behavior of peers and adults to “go green” in their daily lives
  • Inspire and foster social entrepreneurship on a broad demographic scale
  • To enable like-minded persons around the world to join /lead this international platform to save Earth jointly as a ‘large environmental & social force’ by contributing directly or indirectly; through small or big efforts in their own areas and globally as a whole.
  • To make our campus and Society green
  • To promote the use of new and renewable sources of energy
  • To carry out energy conservation activities
  • To encourage research and development on renewable sources of energy mile stones
  • To promote energy about audit within the campus
  • To spread green engineering and energy engineering concepts.
The Go Green Club sessions will be held on Every Week Friday during 4.00 pm to 5.15 pm, where volunteers discuss about various projects, solutions and action plans for green and sustainable world.
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