Our Institution, a temple of learning and a hallmark of discipline, treads towards the zenith of glory by preferring the education of global standards in the best quality and variety, and substantiates to be a benchmark among all the colleges in Indi treads towards the zenith of glory by preferring the education of global standards in the best quality and variety, and substantiates to be a benchmark among all the colleges in India.
About the Institute

A Beacon of Technical Education 🌟

Shree Sathyam College of Engineering and Technology is a well-established institution offering UG and PG degree courses. Shree Sathyam Educational Trust started the college in the year 2011 with a vision to empower the rural area students through quality education and research.

The management strives hard to enhance the professional knowledge skill and attitude of educators so that they would in turn improve the teaching learning process. The college aims at developing a deep understanding of the human values and social concern among the engineering graduates. Shree Sathyam charitable trust is providing full/ half fee waiver scheme for socially and economically weak students. Every year 85% of our students are benefitted through this scholarship. Free transportation facility is also provided for the benefit of students and faculty members.

Shree Sathyam College of Engineering and Technology is approved by AICTE and affiliated to Anna University, Chennai. It is situated at 38km away from Salem, 6km away from Sankari Railway station. The campus spread over 10.12 acres with a good greenish environment and eco-friendly.

The college with its state-of-the-art infrastructural facilities and excellent academic records has earned recognition as one of the leading educational institutes in India. The College imparts technical education of high calibre to meet the growing needs of Engineers and Entrepreneurs. The college offers courses of study that are on the frontiers of knowledge and it connects the spiritual and practical dimensions of intellectual life in a stimulating environment. The college has completed 12 years of dedicated service to the people of India in the field of technical education.

The college has introduced EDC to help and encourage business idea of students by guiding them with available opportunities. The management is encouraging the students to start their own company. Additionally, it helps start-ups network and work with investors, mentors, and other entrepreneurs in addition to offering legal and regulatory support.

The Placement and Training Cell was established with the goal of making our students more employable both within institutions and in the workplace. It also aims to provide them with well-considered professional skills and mentor them as they pursue their ideal careers, wherever they may be in the world, while upholding social justice, hard work, and ethical standards.

In order to assist students in being placed in reputable companies and bridge the gap between institute and industry  the T & P Cell works to maximize industry consultancy, industry supported courses & certifications, industry sponsored lab, adjunct professorship as well as advisors from industry, student internships, faculty training with advanced facilities at industry, joint research with industry, etc.

To enhance the well-being of both our staff and students, our college has established separate gyms for males and females. Additionally, we offer yoga and meditation classes as part of our schedule for students.

Our institute has implemented an online feedback system for all stakeholders, aiding in our development across both academic and non-academic endeavours.

WiFi is available throughout the campus, including in the hostel where 24-hour WiFi access is provided. Surveillance cameras are also installed across the campus to ensure the safety of students.

Committees such as the Internal Complaint Cell, SC/ST Cell, Grievances & Redressal Cell are operating efficiently, with committee members effectively overseeing and resolving issues.


To be a value-based, globally recognized institution, we admit economically and socially backward rural area students and empower them with quality education to excel in academics, research, innovation, and entrepreneurial attitudes, as well as being good citizens.


  • To establish state-of-the-art facilities and resources required to achieve excellence in teaching-learning and supplementary processes.
  • To provide faculty and staff with the required qualifications and competence and to provide opportunities to upgrade their knowledge and skills
  • To motivate the students who are economically weak to pursue higher education by offering special scholarships, appearing for competitive exams, and participating in other value-added programs for their holistic development.
  • To have regular interaction with the industries in the area of R&D and offer consultancy, training, and testing services.
  • To foster an entrepreneurial mindset in students and to give them access to a campus platform where they can launch their own businesses.

Quality Policy

Shree Sathyam College of Engineering and Technology is committed to provide quality education to the students enabling them to excel in the fields of Science, Engineering, Technology and Management to cater to the changing and challenging needs of society and industry through the following initiatives :
  • Contributing to the academic standing and overall knowledge development of the students.
  • Maintaining state-of-the-art infrastructure and congenial learning environment.
  • Enhancing the competence of the faculty to a very high level and to make them adopt all modern and innovative methods in teaching-learning process.
  • Inculcating moral and ethical values among the students and staff.
  • Collaborating with industry, other institutions.
  • Promoting Research and Development programme for the growth of the economy.
  • Disseminating technical knowledge in the region through continuing education
  • Ensuring continual improvement of Quality Management System.


Dear friends,
Greetings. Many thanks for your interest in Shree Sathyam College of Engineering and Technology.
Education that is thorough, purposeful and meets the requirements of today’s job market; education that disciplines and inculcates values; education that is in tune with the changing dynamics of today’s competitive world – that is the kind of education that SSCET offers.
To this end, we have endeavored to create a world-class educational institution that is complete in every way. Be it facilities or faculty, curriculum or career guidance, we seek to offer the very best to our students.It is our deepest desire to serve the society by moulding the technocrats and business leaders of tomorrow.
Please feel free to take a look around our campus. Then, take your career dreams to the next level with Shree Sathyam College of Engineering and Technology.
Your future begins at Shree Sathyam College of Engineering and Technology. Welcome.

Empowering Futures, Igniting Excellence

SSCET was Enabling Futures Innovators through Igniting Excellence since 2011.

Recognitions and Approvals

In July 2011, the Government of India, following recommendations from ISO and AICTE, welcomed us into the prestigious Anna University.

Recognitions and Approvals

Witness the consistent academic brilliance of our students, a reflection of the high-quality education imparted at our institution.

Achieving New Horizons

Our rapid progress is a testament to the visionary management, dedicated faculty, and exceptional students who have collectively propelled us to the forefront of technical education.

Prof. Dr. V. Sujatha B.E., M.E., Ph.D.,

Founder & Principal

I feel my pleasure and proud in contributing my humble services to lead this most prestigious Engineering college. Being the head of such prestigious & dynamic institution, I always feel a sense of responsibility and honor. All the members of management are working with full dedication for the development of infrastructure of the college and cooperate with principal assistance to economically weaker deserving students of the areas.
We promise to provide all the modern amenities skill based quality education and we help the students to utilize their full capacity as per the talent available in them. All the members of the staff are working with dedication to teach the young minds about the latest technology & knowledge in the field of engineering through world class new techniques. The special emphasis is laid upon overall personality development and to improve the communication skill of the students which is the demand of market today. I pray to almighty to give us sufficient strength so as to enable us to do our sacred duty to spread education & contribution towards building a healthy society /nation.
The college has been doing very eventful achievements in sports and other competitive activities of engineering colleges. The excellent results of last semester show the best academics performance of college. 20 students of our college have got merit in the result of last year.
I am trying my level best to make this institute to meet with the challenges of developing technology & need of market. I wish & pray to almighty that SSCET discovers new horizons in the future and will make a great progress in coming years.
Welcome to our family.It is my pleasure to introduce Shree Sathyam College of Engineering and Technology (SSCET) to you.

Dear Parents,

As a parent and family person myself, it is hard to imagine the courage it took for you to decide to send your son or daughter thousands of miles away to an unfamiliar district to obtain their higher education. I would like to express my most sincere appreciation for your wisdom and foresight in making this decision. Please let me assure you that SSCET will see that your son or daughter receives a quality education in a safe and diverse learning environment. As our student SSCET will offer them a pathway to their dream of success. SSCET Academy always adheres to a complete educational concept through: Quality, Balance, Innovation, and Achievement. We believe this will launch our students on their pathway to achieving their goals and entrance to the university of their choice.Should you require any further information I am available to answer your questions throughout the time your son or daughter is attending our school and beyond. I would like to keep an open line to all parents by offering the opportunity to communicate directly through my office either by email pricipalsscet@gmail.com or by phone (7502340888) or in person.

Dear Students,

At SSCET, we are your extended family. Everyone around you cares about you and your success. We will help you to grow and succeed.ward to meeting you in person. Furthermore sscet values and supports a learning environment that fosters respect, relationships, and community. We strive to cultivate an environment in which students from different cultures and backgrounds learn to care, share, and grow together as a family. Our educational team is committed to our student’s higher education. We apply due diligence, effort, fairness, and respect in an ethical manner towards our students everyday. The entire sscet faculty is enthusiastic and passionate towards supporting the students’ success in education.We value integrity, competence, compliance, and respect towards our students and their families. Our mission is to guide the student on their pathway to success through academic achievement or personal growth.At SSCET, you may be far away from home but you will be very close to their dream. As our student will offer you a pathway to you dream of success.

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